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corporate vision

Create and lead the street lamp pole, flag pole, power pole, communication tower pole, wind power pole industry!

Create a new model of the production industry!
Create a sustainable green energy homeland and protect the survival of us and our children and grandchildren.

corporate philosophy

Taishan can't resist fine soil, so it can grow high, and Jianghai can't choose a trickle, so it can be deep. The so-called gift is not small, the details determine success or failure.
In today's society, there are many people who want to do big things, but few people are willing to do small things. We don't lack strong strategy strategists, what we lack is the executor who will do everything, and the team of Twe The outstanding pioneers and the keepers of excellence are just such a group of people who pay attention to details and pursue details for the same glorious and ambitious dream. They have set foot on this thorny and passionate thorny road and will never Do not flinch and go on as always. The vitality of an enterprise lies in cost control and more in innovation. This is a solid foundation to ensure that the company can not stand on its own. If it cannot control the cost effectively and permanently, it will lose the weight of participating in the competition. . As Peter Drucker said: Entrepreneurs are innovators, and innovation is a corporate logo.
We firmly believe that the success of any enterprise must come from innovation and cost control. For Twee, a fast-growing brand, it must adhere to such a business credo so that this irrefutable truth can be carried forward.

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