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Jiangsu Tewei Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Yangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in China and the United Nations Habitat Award City. Here, it is close to Shanghai and adjacent to Nanjing, and has convenient transportation. The newly-built Yangzhou Taizhou Airport is only 10 kilometers away from the company. Here, the environment is beautiful, the ecology is livable, and various industries are developing rapidly!
Since its establishment, Jiangsu Tewei Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development, production and service of special complete manufacturing equipment such as street light pole equipment, flag pole equipment, power pole equipment, communication tower pole equipment, wind power pole equipment, large-caliber steel pipes, etc., today, Jiangsu Tewei Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has become a professional domestic light pole and power pole equipment manufacturing service provider, and is in a leading position in the industry!
Our company's registered trademark is "Twei" brand. The main products are ordinary and numerical control type bending machine, shearing machine, steel plate oblique shear production line, coil uncoiling and leveling production line, numerical control flame cutting machine, semi-automatic submerged arc welding production line, fully automatic. Submerged arc welding production line, light pole straightening machine, light pole sewing machine, light pole bending machine, light pole head neck necking machine, light pole tube shrinking machine, large caliber street light pole, power pole, communication tower automatic submerged arc welding Production line, automatic sanding and polishing machine, electrostatic spraying production line, C-type large-tonnage press, shipyard rib cold bending machine, milling machine, edger, large gantry press, gantry automatic seam welding machine, steel plate pre-bending Machine, large-caliber steel pipe internal welding machine, large-caliber steel pipe external welding machine, large-caliber steel pipe rounder, high-pressure boiler head machine, etc. Products are suitable for the production of street light poles, power poles, communication towers, large-caliber steel pipe production, sheet metal processing, steel structures, steel structure workshops, highway bridge formwork, railway electrification, automobiles, shipbuilding, spherical tanks, urban road transformation, power, telecommunications And other industries. Can provide users with equipment market research, equipment manufacturing and installation, after-sales and other services. And produce a variety of shapes and molds, blades.
Win customers with products and occupy the market with quality. "Twei" brand special complete set of equipment is complete, and can be equipped with economical and applicable street lamp poles, flag poles, power poles, communication tower poles, wind power pole production lines. Since its establishment in 1993, the company has developed various series of complete production lines for street light poles, flag poles, power poles, communication tower poles and wind power poles.
The above products are used in road LED street light poles, flag poles, high pole lights, advertising poles, communication towers, power poles, wind power poles, large-caliber steel pipe production, railways, highways, communications, automobiles, ships, spherical tanks, steel structures And steel structure workshops.
Our company has strong technical force and advanced processing equipment, and passed the ISO9001 quality certification system smoothly in 2003, and won the title of "Yangzhou Well-known Trademark" for many years. The products are produced in accordance with national advanced standards and have independent export rights. The products are sold all over the world. The company's scientific and technological personnel have been developing new products all year round, filling a number of domestic blanks, especially the complete sets of special equipment for light poles, power poles, communication tower poles, and wind power poles. Our company has all of them and is a domestic professional manufacturer. Quality, service, price. " We warmly welcome new and old customers to come to the factory to discuss cooperation.


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