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DL-3 ZGH series automatic seam welding machine
Browse: Release date: 2017-03-02

Brief description of the equipment:
This equipment is mainly used for automatic seam welding of circular cone and prism cone. It can also be used for seam welding of equal diameter circular pipe steel pipes.
This equipment adopts the method of moving the welding gun to fix the workpiece. During welding, the vertical pressure cylinder and the lateral pressure cylinder can be pressurized synchronously according to the change of the taper of the workpiece to ensure that the gap of the welding seam and the position of the welding gun are unchanged. Continuous and stable welding.
This equipment consists of mechanical system, hydraulic system, welding system and control system. The mechanical system includes a gantry frame, a welding seam misalignment control mechanism, a welding seam guiding mechanism, a seaming mechanism, a water-cooled copper support pad, a workpiece running trolley and a track, and a lifting and rotating roller.

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