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DG-2 ZQ11 series steel plate oblique shear production line
Browse: Release date: 2017-03-02

This machine is suitable for the cutting of plates, especially long plates. It is easy to operate, the length of the cutting plate can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it has high labor productivity. The plate to be cut is pressed on the running device by a hydraulic cylinder. Under the rotating cutting of the roller cutter, the plate is cut as the running device runs. When pressing the material, the plate is placed diagonally according to the required size, and the tapered plate can be cut. Therefore, this machine is widely used in light pole, flag pole, signal pole, automobile, steel structure workshop, container, metal structure, ship, daily hardware, construction and other industries.
2. Features:
1). The hob cutter is mounted on two main shafts, and the power is transmitted by the motor through the reducer, which is noiseless and easy to operate. The cutter head rolls. The cutter head is made of 6CrWZSi material with high shear strength, good mechanical properties and long service life.
2). The traveling device relies on rollers, and the transition rollers run on the rails, which are driven by the motor through the reducer. The operation is stable and the transmission is reliable. The speed is matched with the hob and can be adjusted at will. The plate is pressed against the running device by multiple hydraulic cylinders to ensure accurate cutting dimensions.
3). The walking device is welded with thick steel plates, and the split structure facilitates the transportation and installation of the equipment. And can be lengthened or shortened according to user requirements.
4). The loading device is simple in structure, equipped with 4-5 blocking points, and has hydraulic cylinders to control the loading and unloading. It can change the thickness of the steel plate to be cut at any time. ,easy to use.
5). In the design of electrical appliances, the cutting head and the walking device are controlled separately, the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the clamping cylinder and the drive motor are provided with interlocking actions to ensure safe, convenient and reliable operation.

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