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DG-4 HFH series automatic seam welding production line
Browse: Release Date: 2018-11-28

Brief description of equipment:
The equipment is composed of the main machine head, the traction bed and the feeding platform. The traction bed is clamped by the big head of the steel bar on the moving trolley, and the trolley moves to push the steel bar from the small head to the big head. The claws move at a uniform speed. The big end of the steel rod is supported by the feeding pusher trolley. The guide wheel on the machine head automatically performs seam welding. When the steel rod is closed, the welder starts arc welding. This equipment adopts automatic submerged arc welding, automatic flux recovery, uniform and continuous and beautiful welding seam, strong penetration, one-time molding, high welding efficiency, speed 2-3 m / min, three times that of gas shielded welding. The welding cost is lower than gas shielded welding. It is a special equipment with fast welding speed and high efficiency in the domestic lamp pole industry.

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