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DG-10 ZJP electrostatic spraying production line
Browse: Release date: 2017-03-02

Structural features:
The powder spraying chamber body is mainly composed of cold-rolled steel plate folded and assembled. Its structure is simple and easy to clean. It adopts side suction exhaust device and is equipped with dust-proof lighting to facilitate spraying operation. The curing oven is assembled and corrugated. The appearance is tight, firm, beautiful, and has good heat insulation performance. The temperature is controlled by conventional electrical appliances, and the hot air cycle is used to ensure that the temperature in the furnace is uniform. It can spray and dry the surface of various light poles, signal poles, high pole lights and other long poles. The surface of the rod body after spray drying is high, the color is bright, the adhesion is strong, and it is durable.
The spraying production line is mainly composed of: powder spraying room, high voltage electrostatic generator, powder spraying system (four sets), powder pump suction powder recovery system, suspension conveying system, mobile trolley, curing oven (electric heating, fuel oil, coal burning, natural gas four Heat source optional), electrical control system.

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