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DG-13 PTW series platform pipe bender
Browse: Release date: 2017-03-02

The electric platform pipe bender machine adopts the turbo reducer transmission, the wheel mold rotates during the pipe bending process, and the one-time shaped pipe bending is ensured by the bead, which ensures the uniform bending radius. It can also be adjusted at any angle from 0 to 180. discount price.
Application range of pipe bender:
It is widely used in the elbow (large air-conditioning elbow, small air-conditioning elbow) of the head shape of the light pole, furniture elbow, gate elbow, fitness equipment elbow, auto parts elbow, etc.
Pipe Bending Machine Features:
Simple and convenient operation, suitable for batch and proofing elbows.
Economical and cost effective for small batch production.
Bend stainless steel, iron pipe, aluminum pipe, copper pipe, seamless steel pipe and other metal pipes.
It can bend round and square pipes with a wall thickness below 3mm, and rectangular steel pipes.
Specifications can be randomly equipped with 2 types of molds according to user requirements (manufactured molds according to user requirements, the maximum diameter of the mold is 600mm)
Bending maximum diameter Ø60mm, maximum wall thickness 3mm
Motor 2.2KW.

Product specifications are diverse, please call Xiangxiang!

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